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Terms & Conditions For Buying...

Below are the Motor Marks terms and conditions for the purchase of Personalised Car Registration plates

MOTOR MARKS shall be responsible for handling the documentation required to transfer the registration number and will process all papers as quickly as possible, however MOTOR MARKS will NOT be liable for any losses caused due to delay otherwise than on the part of MOTOR MARKS or if the DVLA revokes the right to a registration number, nor will MOTOR MARKS be liable for any damages interest or expense incurred.

The Buyer shall be responsible for sending to MOTOR MARKS the payment for the transfer fee of 80.00 payable to theDVLA and for producing all the required documentation for the vehicle onto which the registration number will be transferred.

Under Distance Selling Regulations 2000, section 13 (c)., if the Buyer does not proceed with the transfer of the registration number after paying a part payment/full payment to MOTOR MARKS or fails to supply the full documentation required by the DVLA to process the transfer, then no part of this payment is refundable whatsoever, as the service period commences immediately. Ordered numbers cannot be refunded or exchanged, nor will any cancellations be accepted

If the transaction fails due to no fault on the part of the Buyer other than as above, he will be given a full refund of monies paid to MOTOR MARKS and all documentation shall be returned. The fee that was paid to the Department of Transport of 80.00 will be refunded to the Buyer directly from DVLA Swansea at a later date.

The Buyer of any registration number must provide full payment and documentation (if required) before any transfer shall be submitted to the Department of Transport local office or it's agents. This payment must be within 14 days of securing the registration by an initial part payment or the transaction will be deemed a failure, and thus lose the Buyer their part payment unless a longer period of time has been agreed with MOTOR MARKS. 

The issue of a Vehicle Registration Document V5/C bearing the new registration number to the Buyer from the DVLA Swansea shall be conclusive proof that a successful Transfer has taken place.

It should be noted that the Secretary of State for Transport or their Agents the DVLA (as keeper of the records) may revoke the right to a registration Mark at any time for whatever reasons, and that MOTOR MARKS cannot be held responsible in the unlikely event of this occurring.

It is the responsibility of the Buyer to buy and get made the new number plates and to get them fitted to the vehicle.

Any complaints will be dealt with within 14 days and should be emailed to admin@motormarks.co.uk and should be accompanied by your name and address details along with a telephone number. Please address emails for the attention of  Mr Martin McLaughlin.

You can read the terms and conditions for selling registration plates by clicking here.


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'DVLA' is a registered trade mark of the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). Motor Marks is in no way affiliated to the DVLA or DVLA Personalised Registrations. The use of the term 'DVLA' is only for the purposes of describing the goods/services being offered.
                    Motor Marks is a registered frequent buyer of DVLA Personalised Cherished Registration Numbers


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